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Present Address
Present Address
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Do you have your own home? Do you have own conveyance? Car Scooter
Date of Birth Height Weight
Married : Yes No Date of Marriage

If related to anyone in our employment
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Family Member Name Age
Education Occupation
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Annual Income
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Do you have any other dependents
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Education Name & Location of School/Institute Year Attended Degree/Exam Division/% age Subjects Studied
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Position desired Salary desired Notice period for Existing Employee
Are you employed now? If so may we enquire of your employer?
Ever applied to this company before When? Where?
Have you applied anywhere else? If yes,status
Examination Passed Name of Board/University Year Attended Degree/Exam Division/% age Operating System Language Package
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Reason for gap in educational history
Failure in any course
Academic achievements/Honours/Scholarships
Have you applied for Studies Overseas/Outstation If yes,Where? Status
Language Knowns Read Write Speak
FORMER EMPLOYERS : (List below your current employer and the last 4 employers,starting with current one first)
Month & Year
Name & Address Of Company/Firm Salary
List Salary at Start (S)
And on Leaving (L)
            Bsic                         Allowances                     Total
Position & Type
of Work
Reason for Leaving CTC/A
From S
To L
From S
To L
From S  
To L
From S
To L
Reason for seeking a new appoinment :
1. Total yeas of experience :
2. Reasons for gaps in employment history :
3. Total No. of Job changes :
4. Job Responsibilities(Current employment) :
Do you object to going to
Any part of the country?
Yes No Geographic location
(Mention city)
: 1. 2. 3.
Do you object to shift work? : Yes No
Seminars/Workshops/Courses attended
List any physical defects Have you had major injuries?
Have you any defects in hearing? In Vision? In Speech?
In case of emergency
notify(Name and Address)
Have you ever been tried in a criminal court? Have you ever been in police custody/arrested?
Is any court case/police enquiry pending against you?
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