Group Company

Gupta Infotech

Gupta Infotech was founded in Kolkata in 2003 as a CFL Manufacturing unit in technical collaboration with Zhongchen Electrotech -China after getting license for Manufacturing from Ministry of Commerce – India. And started the production with only 30 nos. of Manpower Strength.

In the same year , Gupta Infotech moved for Quality Certification from BIS-India. After gone through a tough Quality test, Gupta Infotech became the First BIS certified CFL Manufacturing Company in Eastern India in the year of 2005 and got approval to mark ISI in all CFL manufactured by Gupta Infotech.

In 2005, Gupta Infotech launched "Victoria" brand for selling the product in Domestic Market. Also started exporting in the same path in same year. In the same year Gupta Infotech set up a 4 Lacs per month unit capacity plant to manufacture CFL (Compact Fluorescent Lamp). The strategy for the CFL project was identical to what had successfully been implemented - creating a facility that matched global standards in terms of size, technology, quality, product flexibility and process integration. The company is today the one of the large Indian manufacturer of CFL products, exporting approximately 30 percent of its production.

Since inception, Gupta Infotech has always endeavored to create its space in the international market. Aiding the company in its efforts has been a carefully-planned and sustainable business model - low costs, high margins, high profits, reinvestment and capacity growth. Along the way, deep relationships have been forged with leading OEMs, with the result that today there are hardly any Indian brands in the CFL segment that Gupta Infotech is not associated with.

In 2011, the company announced its foray into the CFL PCB Manufacturing businesses.

Victoria Lighting Pvt. Ltd.

Victoria Lighting Pvt. Ltd. is one of the leading manufacturers of Electronic Ballast, CFL and a leading supplier of proprietary Electrical solutions to Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs). For nearly 9 years, company has been supplying the lighting industry with innovative engineered products that are efficient, safe, responsive and enhance comfort levels. Victoria Lighting Pvt. Ltd. is committed to developing customer relationships that last. Over the years we have developed a tradition of listening to our customers, so we could tailor our offerings to their current and future needs, thereby defining our group’s excellence benchmarks.

Victoria Lighting Pvt. Ltd. has 3 manufacturing plants in India. We are continually looking to increase our global footprint. At the same time, we are building on our core strengths in the existing markets. Over the past nine years, we have grown consistently and rapidly through a carefully controlled and well managed expansion of our portfolio of products, and have thereby experienced consistent growth. The company employs nearly 150 people and is headquartered in Kolkata. Also, we have engineering, research and development centers in Kolkata.